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I'm Sarah, xo

Author | Facilitator | Women's Mentor & Multi Award Winner | Birth Trauma Facilitator in training @ Australasian Birth Trauma Association | Mum of 3 & Absolute Life Lover


& here's the juice...

I was the 'drama queen' child. Too much, you know that one?


I created a mask of an achiever yet inside I never saw myself as an asset, spending years climbing the corporate ladder & chasing financial gain yet every time I reached the goal or acquired the ‘things’ I was never fully satisfied.


After becoming a mother, my husband felt like a roommate most of the time & I resented him for his life not changing, whilst I took on many more balls to juggle & tried to make sense of who I was becoming (unsure if I actually liked her).

I continued to show the perfect façade because everyone called me #supermum & asked ‘how do you do it all’. I wore this as a badge of honour however inside I was anxious AF & I hated my life.


I had no confidence or self respect, plagued with #mumguilt because I was supposed to LOVE every minute of this chapter, right?! It was what I always wanted so why did I suck at it? Fruit off, ego!

So, I achieved all of the things however I was still missing something so I threw myself back into my government career hoping it would fix things: #escapism at it's finest....

And then... our third child was born.

​The birth was traumatic & that challenge broke me. Physically, mentally, emotionally & it became my opportunity; an unearthing.


From there I began writing, became an author & stepped into training as a professional life coach to heal & grow & I finally saw everything so clearly, as though a mirror to all the parts of myself that I didn't even know existed but were playing out & determining my everyday experiences.

I had had enough of being a victim, being anxious, blaming others & lapping up drama, so I committed to myself for the very first time & because of this I can proudly say I am the woman I always desired to become - my life is now full of meaning, joy & purpose, thriving relationships with myself & others, confidence, compassion, self-love & a strong emotional state... Gosh I could go on & on....

But it didn't happen overnight.

It took support, consistency, guidance & vulnerability & through this I learned to trust myself.


I began to slowly let down the walls I had built up for so long.

And finally, the relationships with those around me began flourishing.

My children now get the best me.

My work doesn't feel like work AT ALL. EVER.

I've owned my inner drama queen, my authenticity & can now use my voice for greater good - inspiring others to do the same, and live authentically aligned with their truth, enjoying more balance, freedom, peace & thriving connections!!


There is no ROI greater than putting ourselves as mothers first (in this instance).

I see you. I was you. You can do this. I'm here to support you.

If there is a calling within you, & you'd like to find out more - take up your free clarity call with me today.

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