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I'm Sarah, a women's life coach & mentor, wife, mumma of three & complete lover of life.....

but it wasn't always like that.

I always had so many questions growing up, 'because' & 'that's just how it is' answers never cut it for me -

I always knew there was something more but it always seemed out of reach. Then throughout seminars I heard 'live your passion' & I thought 'what the bloody hell is passion?' That seemed like a bunch of garbage, who needs passion? I'm happy... and I'd move right along thinking that my life is fine, great, ok... (completely delusional).

My idea of success was a stable job earning a good wage; again growing up I heard 'as long as you are happy' is the ideal outcome for life so I was constantly seeking happiness. And, although, I always wondered what that actually meant... so when I reached that idea of happiness, had a great corporate career earning my target wage by the time I was early 30's why did I find myself so unsatisfied?



Drum roll please..... & bring on Motherhood.


After the birth of each of my three children, each stage was completely different - the pregnancy, deliveries, baby, healing, emotions & the big one - a different me each time!


So, after an extremely challenging experience during the postpartum period with my second child where I completely lost my sense of self & identity; partnered with postpartum anxiety, after a year or so one night after what felt like hours rocking her to sleep again & wondering if this is really all that my life is, 'just a mum', I made a decision that I'd had enough & something had to change as I was unsure where I would end up; in my mind things had turned rather dark & grim to say the least (for another time)!

I took to the whiteboard, carried out what felt like the worlds largest brain dump (first time ever) & started to get clear - the words were pouring out... as were my tears. Relief? Determination? A glimpse of my old self? Still to this day I'm unsure, but that night, just me & that white board, something shifted - it was a snap point.


I have a tattoo on my ribs that reads 'it's through nothing you realise how much there is' & how relevant it seems looking back, now as it was from there I realised everything I needed was actually within me,

not to be found in external matter.

So, twenty twenty two & here I am, on my way to becoming credentialed as a Professional Coach with the International Coaching Guild, trained as a Meta Dynamic Profiler & living aligned to my values, my passion & living authentically me.


I am determined to source as much information & train myself to become the best equipped in the motherhood industry to provide practical knowledge & tools to other mumma's ensuring they have access to what I could not find at the time when I needed it most.


It was never about the destination, the corporate job - it is the journey that matters, how we experience life on the journey. I now have flexibility (my main driver) & family time (my highest value) - life is being lived on my terms & I am consistently striving towards being my best self (a constant work in progress, as it should be always).

Getting here didn't come from manifesting. It came from reaching a low point, deciding enough is enough then following through with dedication, persistence, accountability, hard work & action. When shit got hard, I accepted that life is shit at times, we don't always deserve what life throws our way but what we can do is control how we respond & change the way we think about our challenges.

If this resonates with you at all and you are ready for something more out of your life, let's connect! Let us women be the generational shift & secure the tools to hand down to our children.

I would love to serve you! Book your free 30 minute call below to see how I can guide you right now. 


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