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Conscious Motherhood Coaching

Supporting mother's to live consciously, through self awareness & expansion to create healthy emotions, self love & to begin thriving

Workshops | Private & Group Coaching | Membership | Speaking

What is Conscious Motherhood?

Conscious Motherhood Coaching helps you understand yourself, your identity: who you are now you're a mother & begin to join the dots between your past & how this is affecting you today (& in all areas of your life).


I support mother's on a healing journey home to yourself, that person you truly were before the world told you to be someone else, to fit into someone else's mould & be accepted. Through supporting mindset & perspective shifts whilst offering practical tools to move from surviving to thriving, releasing unresourceful patterns & programming I hold space for you to uncover what holds you back, what keeps you small allowing you to step forward with more conscious awareness of your body & mind.

Investing in your own growth & healing will greatly improve your ability to connect with your family & those around you whilst benefiting your personal wellbeing - honest truth?! This work improves all areas of life & is a step towards breaking the generational patterns from repeating.

If you would like to learn more about my services, I offer a free 30 minute phone call for you to explore coaching & see if this is the right fit for your current needs.

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You are in the right place if you're:                   

  • Wondering who you are since becoming a mum & wanting to explore the roles you play

  • Anxious, frustrated & feeling mum guilt

  • Triggered by your kids emotions & behaviour

  • Looking for something more but unsure what it is

  • Seeking clarity, purpose & direction

  • Feeling like you're empty, stuck in a rut or living groundhog day

  • Wanting to understand yourself on a deeper level

  • Desiring confidence & direction

  • Aware there is so much more to life

I can offer you:

  • A safe space to discover your true self incorporating who you were, who you are & who you are becoming

  • A confidential & judgement free zone to talk through challenges

  • Tools to bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be

  • A place to explore beliefs & patterns keeping you stuck where you are

  • Support to release fears & anxiety

  • Easy to implement strategies for your family dynamic

  • Accountability

The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to others, including our children & the generations to follow

Coaching with me takes into account ALL of who you are including your incredibly complex role as a mother. Coaching supports you to feel validated in your choices, understand yourself deeply, remove blocks in your thinking, explore options and ideas you've possibly never considered, get clear on what matters to you plus have support & accountability to help you get unstuck.

You have an opportunity to define life on your own terms - not society's, your family or social media's terms - Your terms as authentically you. You get to define how you want to live your life & how you show up for yourself & your children. 

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Hi, mumma. I'm Sarah

As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a mother - it was a non negotiable, so when I found myself as a mum of two on the floor as a blubbering mess, unsure who the woman was staring back at me was, anxious, blaming others & completely controlling every aspect of life in order to feel okay with myself I knew things needed to change.


I had no idea what that change was but that moment of pause amongst the frustration fuelling my body one night rocking my daughter to sleep was enough for my to reach snapping point, I took to the whiteboard where I began gaining clarity of what I truly desired, not only as a mum, partner or friend - but for myself.

What followed was a sea of tears & a huge slap in the face because I saw reflected back to me that I was not anywhere close to becoming that woman I desired & then & there I decided enough was enough.

That night was the start of gaining clarity, purpose & myself. Liberating!

You see, up until that point I had no self love or self respect but I had absolutely no idea. I relied on others to know what I needed & expected them to make me feel a certain way. I was a chronic people pleaser & found my worth wrapped up in my corporate job, happiness in seeking things outside of myself however little did I know though that what I needed was to look inside myself, becoming familiar with that - and that is where my entire life changed.


From there, motherhood & life became a mirror for me to see all the parts of myself that needed healing & through curiosity, clarity & coaching I am now the woman I always desired to become - my life is full of purpose, deep connection with myself & others, compassion, self love, respect & emotional health.

I want this for you too, mumma because what's on the other side of the stuckness you feel right now is a really beautiful life, full of purpose, clarity & calm.

I'm Sarah. An Author, Life Coach for Mum's, Speaker, Birth Trauma Volunteer @ ABTA & a fierce supporter of women's growth. Working with me will be life changing, if you can only say yes to yourself x


What my clients are saying

I worked with Sarah over the course of five months, and was struck by her ability to make me feel comfortable from our very first chat. I came to Sarah at a time when I was finding life as a mother of two challenging, and had really lost a sense of myself in the chaos of everyday life. Sarah truly listened to what I had to say, creating a safe space in which I felt free to share openly and honestly.  I felt so valued and seen after every session, as well as being empowered with tools and reframes to approach the week ahead. I found particular value in the strategies Sarah supported me with to identify and process my emotions and triggers. Sarah helped me to challenge my limiting beliefs and move forward with new beliefs, which have seen me approach life in a way which leaves me feeling much more fulfilled. Thanks to Sarah, I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of myself and what I need day-to-day to give me energy and purpose. People often ponder the most helpful gift/support to be given to a new mum, and to me, THIS is it. At a time in life full of drastic identity change and transition, having Sarah’s nurturing and empathetic coaching approach was exactly what I needed to come home to myself and find pockets of joy amongst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.
Eve Croskery, Mum, Writer & Teacher

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