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A transformational experience through exploration of self.

Unlock the conscious mother within, grow, create confidence, emotional resilience & self love as you begin living aligned with the women & mother you truly desire to be.

Embrace your motherhood identity, create a strong sense of self & live a life you're excited to wake up for everyday.

Made to Mother

THANK YOU FOR (your kids, too!)

This membership is right for you if you are...

  • Sick of external things triggering & determining your state & experiences;

  • Ready to transform the way you feel about yourself & experience life through a clearer lens & perspective;

  • Seeking more balance, ease & flow in your life;

  • Trying to make sense of your identity outside of the roles that define you ie mother, wife, teacher;

  • Ready to put your needs higher on your to do list;

  • Wanting to access personal growth across a range of areas in your life,

  • The woman determined to break generational cycles;

  • Totally up for creating self trust, self respect & self love;

  • Ready to take control of your emotions & become more responsive rather than reactive;

  • Prepared to take responsibility for your life, right here, right now;

  • Seeking meaningful relationships with yourself & others;

  • Ready to stop pleasing everyone else & learn how to say no;

  • Open to exploring who you are becoming since becoming a mother;

  • Desiring a strong sense of self & ready to start showing up as that woman & mother.

Discover how to make intentional choices that facilitate your own growth while continuing to meet the needs of those around you. 

Valuing consistency is the heart of change so to give you the best chance for lasting change this membership was created. The results of your small actions compound over time.



What may be the consequences of things not changing for you? How does life look in 12 months time, and maybe five years time if these changes aren't made?


We get one chance with parenting & every day the behaviours & habits become more engrained & the generational cycles continue - there is no more time to waste. Our future generations will thank us for being here doing the work now.

Now picture this for a moment. You've committed to 'Made to Mother', you're on the path to growth. You feel confident to trust yourself & handle whatever challenge comes your way. You now understand your emotions & are able to express them in a healthy way without shame or judgement & you are implementing strategies to handle triggers ie kids big emotions. You have tools to share with your children, modelling what healthy emotional intimacy looks like & your relationships begin to take different pathways. You have gained awareness of your strengths, how to implement & retain boundaries & you are experiencing life being more present, compassionate, with confidence & connection. How does it feel? How does it look?

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that costs so little, and brings peace into your life on a daily basis?


  • Ongoing access to the Made to Mother online membership

  • Personalised online login to your members area where you'll find all learnings & information

  • x1 live online masterclass per month with an intimate group of women

  • x1 Q & A session per month

  • Recordings & audio available following each session to access in your own time

  • Easy to implement tools, strategies, techniques & learnings

  • No lock in contract (cancel at any time)

  • Monthly affordable direct debit

  • Access to private Made to Mother Facebook community

  • Digital workbooks, scaling exercises, journal prompts, mantra's, meditations, resource recommendations & more..


BONUS video recordings between myself & industry experts in parenting, birth, postpartum & related specialist fields.



Note: this outline is a draft & subject to change dependent on specific needs of the group.


Life balance & Satisfaction incl personalised self improvement plan


Emotional Health
how to handle your emotions resourcefully & take back control


Identity Profiling
incl the masks we wear & how they've been created.
Bonus: Accessing inner child needs.


Cyclical Wisdom
Connecting with your cyclical wisdom & tapping into your inner knowing

(guest speaker from
Maiden to Mother)


Ideal Self
gaining clarity on the woman & mother you desire to be & how to reclaim her completely


Reiki Circle
energy clearing & conscious practice
(with guest host)


Ideal Day Exercise
vs not so ideal day & living life through happiness amongst what seems mundane at times


the affects, matrescence & beyond + acknowledging & working with our strengths


setting, holding & maintaining them with kids, family, in workplaces & relationships


why are they so important & how they benefit daily life, especially amongst motherhood


Meeting our Core Needs
and our children's.
Where were yours denied in childhood? How do they affect your parenting style?


Empowerment & Purpose
+ goal setting

THE MUMMA NEST_Passion Portrait_Solf Flare Photography-81.jpg

Presented by Sarah Cremona,
Founder - The Mumma Nest

Conscious Motherhood Coach & Mentor, with a focus on guiding women to rediscover who they are since becoming mum. In short, I am an optimist, coffee lover, over sharer & slightly obsessed with anything relating to motherhood & self development. Wife & Mum of three & most importantly I'm a recovering people pleaser & control freak. Self development to me is not a quick fix, it is an ongoing journey.

My journey to motherhood has been far from smooth sailing & upon reflection I am grateful because it has led me here, to this place right now as a guide for you. After becoming a mum of two I completely lost my identity. I was lost, held resentment, despised my husband & chose to blame others because it was easier than taking responsibility for myself. I reached a point where the anxiety & negativity was all too much & I snapped - In that moment I realised no one was coming to save me so I had to pick myself up & save myself so that is what I did; by small action steps, gaining clarity on who I wanted to be & what I needed for myself was the first step & so now, a few years on & another child later, including a traumatic birth I found myself unravelled again & leaning into further healing. Since then I have trained with the best coaching institute in the world in NLP & Meta Dynamics to package these learnings, tools & strategies plus my personal experience to share with you & guide you to do the same. I am so glad you are here, mumma. I'm your biggest support x

39 per month price.png

Monthly direct debit.

It is your time mumma, see you on the inside!

What my clients are saying

I worked with Sarah over the course of five months, and was struck by her ability to make me feel comfortable from our very first chat. I came to Sarah at a time when I was finding life as a mother of two challenging, and had really lost a sense of myself in the chaos of everyday life. Sarah truly listened to what I had to say, creating a safe space in which I felt free to share openly and honestly.  I felt so valued and seen after every session, as well as being empowered with tools and reframes to approach the week ahead. I found particular value in the strategies Sarah supported me with to identify and process my emotions and triggers. Sarah helped me to challenge my limiting beliefs and move forward with new beliefs, which have seen me approach life in a way which leaves me feeling much more fulfilled. Thanks to Sarah, I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of myself and what I need day-to-day to give me energy and purpose. People often ponder the most helpful gift/support to be given to a new mum, and to me, THIS is it. At a time in life full of drastic identity change and transition, having Sarah’s nurturing and empathetic coaching approach was exactly what I needed to come home to myself and find pockets of joy amongst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.
Eve Croskery, Mum, Writer & Teacher
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