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If you're noticing the disconnect between how you were parented vs how you want to parent you are in the right place..

You never considered yourself an angry person but motherhood has pushed all your buttons & possibly shown you some sides of yourself that you had no idea you could actually access. You're trying to juggle everyone's needs (plus your own) & sometimes it feels like too much, and you snap.


If you can relate please know you're not alone.


Grab your free workbook, gain confidence to regulate yourself & explore how you can feel in control as a mum.

What's included in your free gift?

Recording -
Real life demonstration 'how to process emotions'

A live unpack between The Mumma Nest & Nest Postpartum including a mindful demonstration processing an emotion (anxiety) through to completion.

Including practical tools & a quick 4 step guide to implement instantly.


DIY Workbook -
Begin processing your emotions

Begin understanding your emotions & start gaining confidence that you can regulate yourself & pass these tools onto your children.

Workbook includes sections to label your emotions & consider the meaning placed on them, plus start visualising how you would ideally like things to be & set goals around them.

What will this free gift give you?

  • Acceptance that you & your emotions are separate;

  • Taking control of what is important to you;

  • Awareness & presence in the moment when big emotions arise;

  • Mindfulness around giving back to you;

  • Begin feeling confident in the mundane knowing you have these helpful tools at your fingertips;

  • An understanding that all emotions can be experienced without shame or guilt;

  • Actions to take away that feel aligned with your needs;

  • Working towards expressing yourself completely.

The goal: To manage your emotions to enable healthy modelling to your children, setting a new standard for future generations.

Mother and Baby on the Beach

Access your FREE GIFT here

Immediate email access to your files once you complete the below.

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