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Emotional Wellbeing is the new IQ & AI cannot take these skills away!

The first step for more balance is emotional regulation.

Regulate yourself in order to co-regulate with your children & free up your capacity to manage stress, overwhelm & anxiety in a healthy way (yes, I said it can be experienced in a healthy way!)


Here you will gain access to a simple practical tool to support you in everyday life including a fillable workbook with reflection questions, insight & additional bonuses.

Emotional regulation begins here!

  • Acceptance that you & your emotions are separate;

  • Taking control of what is important to you;

  • Awareness & presence in the moment when big emotions arise;

  • Mindfulness around giving back to you;

  • Begin feeling confident in the mundane knowing you have these helpful tools at your fingertips;

  • An understanding that all emotions can be experienced without shame or guilt;

  • Actions to take away that feel aligned with your needs;

  • Working towards expressing yourself completely.

The goal: To manage your emotions to enable healthy modelling to your children, setting a new standard for future generations.

What this workbook will give you:


Access your

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