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First period after giving birth

Feel triggered by this image?

If so, it may be time to look within & ask yourself why this triggers you.

You see, a few years ago it would have triggered me too. I would have scrunched my face up & thought ‘that’s disgusting’.

So here is your truth – your initial reaction to this: capture it.

This is a mirror to reflect upon & find within yourself any blockage, emotion or feeling that may arise which indicates there may be something you may not yet be at peace with.

So here she is – I’m naming her 'she', my first menstruation cycle since giving birth ten months ago – just so happens she returned with a vengeance today, & I was in public.

I kind of had an initial ‘oh fuck’ moment then realigned myself to see it for what it is: I am woman. I am bleeding & this is my body recalibrating for the very first time after having a baby - how incredible that she knows how to do her thing.

What an achievement to be at the point in my life to not feel shame, embarrassment, or disgust. I simply popped my purse over my front & continued walking to my car (sucking in a little more than usual of course!)

Back in high school a friend of mine had a similar experience & she was laughed at. Unfortunately, at that time in our lives, it would be rare to have the language or tools to process an event as such (or maybe we were never taught?)

Imagine giving our children, both girls & boys the awareness that this could happen to their sister, girlfriend, friend or mother & providing them with pointers eg: what to do in this instance. To remove fear, not to laugh but to simply be her safe space.

So as women, in the year twenty twenty two we have a responsibility for those who come after us, that we rise together & share our truth – not just the pretty squares.

OUR WHOLE LIVES we have been taught to hate our own blood. We are taught to be ashamed, to put a stop to it with all kinds of methods; pills, foreign objects, injections, bleach filled tampons & concealing our feminine products like they are ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. Then we decide one day that we want to have a baby & we promptly ‘expect’ our bodies to work for us, even though we have suppressed our natural rhythm for so long.

So what if, instead of shaming ourselves or speaking negatively over our monthly cycle & experiences as such, we start to speak in a positive way to our body & let it do it’s natural thing? Without shame & labelling?

This is motherhood, this is part of the brutal recovery. This is one of many bodies which have been through hell & back – and if this makes you cringe, I am going to say this: Sorry, not sorry.

This generation of women will be the disruptors – the cycle breakers (no pun intended, obvs).

Let us be the change, mumma’s.

S x

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