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Day One

Day 1. Explore Your Energy Management

Self Care has become a very external focused experience that is generally based upon pampering, requiring money, time away from home + is at times for many mums laced with a side of #mumguilt.


Given this, I invite you to bring your focus inwards, towards your own self energy.

Why I share this is because when you build your inner foundations, no one else has access to that space, it is your compass, your temple & your guidance system that will steer you on your journey way beyond this week.

Make sure these foundations are solid, strong & supportive and you will notice the difference in how you navigate & flow through everyday life, then watch on as those around you respond differently to this energy you give off, too.

Honestly, I am so excited for you that you are here!


To take away the most from this week:

STEP 1: Download your accompanying workbook.

STEP 2: Set yourself an intention for this week ahead (see your workbook on pg 4-5 for examples).


STEP 3: Find a quiet place to watch this video & take a tonne of notes!

STEP 4: For those wanting more, see below the video for a deepening exercise & Spotify playlist!

And finally, ENJOY!!!! x

Deepening Experience

As you reflect on what you have learned today, you may like to listen to the Spotify Playlist above.

You will find some deepening reflective questions in your workbook.


Keep your eyes peeled for day two!


With love, Sarah x

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your mentor / coach

Sarah: Founder of The Mumma Nest

Sarah is an experienced mentor & facilitator, providing tailored support to empower women in embodying their authentic expression & divine power. A mum of three and a professional life coach, Sarah is trained in Positive Psychology, Meta Dynamics, NLP + trauma-informed care. She is a best-selling author and a multi-award winner in women's wellness and online community, both globally and locally.​Through private coaching, mentoring, and online programs, The Mumma Nest offers holistic & practical services with a focus on emotional intelligence to benefit families. Want to deepen your experience with tailored support? Jump on a free 30 minute call here to explore how.

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