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Day Two

Day 2. Explore the Six Self Care Pillars

You will be introduced to the six pillars of self care, including practical strategies from each pillar to expand upon your existing rituals.

Why I am sharing these pillars with you is because self care has become something most mums get to do when everything else is done, but energy is present in every moment of every day as an instant check in point accessible to us all & through accessing these skills, will bring you more peace into everyday moments.

Including practical real life examples of how you can deepen into each pillar.


To take away the most from today:

STEP 1: Download your accompanying workbook.

STEP 2: Find a quiet place to watch this video & take a tonne of notes!


STEP 3: Reflect on your learnings & which items you feel most drawn towards.

STEP 4: For those wanting more, see below the video for pathway forward + Spotify playlist!

And finally, ENJOY!!!! x

Looking Ahead

If today struck something within you & you are considering exploring pathways available to you with The Mumma Nest, please take up your free clarity call here with our Founder, Sarah.

Our services consist of an online community membership space (intake all year round), a high level mentorship (runs twice a year only: Feb & July) + online coaching, tailored to your needs.


Keep your eyes peeled for day three where we bring all these learnings together.


With love, Sarah x

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your mentor / coach

Sarah: Founder of The Mumma Nest

Sarah is an experienced mentor & facilitator, providing tailored support to empower women in embodying their authentic expression & divine power. A mum of three and a professional life coach, Sarah is trained in Positive Psychology, Meta Dynamics, NLP + trauma-informed care. She is a best-selling author and a multi-award winner in women's wellness and online community, both globally and locally.​Through private coaching, mentoring, and online programs, The Mumma Nest offers holistic & practical services with a focus on emotional intelligence to benefit families. Want to deepen your experience with tailored support? Jump on a free 30 minute call here to explore how.

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