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Join us for a truly transformative women's wellbeing retreat nestled in the serene beauty of the Kiama-Jamberoo, Illawarra region. Over a two-night stay, you'll discover a haven of self-discovery & rejuvenation, designed to lead you back to your soul whilst being held in a container of like minded women.

This retreat is a sacred space where you can explore the path of reconnecting with your inner wisdom, shifting from the confines of the mind to the nurturing embrace of your body. Here, you'll find the support and safety you need to allow your nervous system to gently relax and heal. It's a shared journey within a compassionate group of women, all seeking the profound experience & basking in the radiant glow of inner healing, presence & deep grounding.

Our journey begins with a heartfelt welcome ceremony within a sacred stone circle on the property, setting the intention for the weekend. Here, you'll connect with yourself and your fellow attendees, grounding into the space that holds the promise of growth and inner peace.

To follow, includes a sacred body mapping experience, partnered with breathwork & ice bath for those wishing to take their experience to the depths (highly recommended)!

Throughout the retreat, you'll experience a holistic approach to wellbeing with an invitation to step into a space of self-discovery, connection, & inner peace.


Join us for an unforgettable experience where you can nurture your body, mind, and soul in the company of like-minded women - the soulful sisterhood.

Soulful Sisterhood November 2024 COver.png

Register Your Interest

$2,200 (share room QB)

$2,600 (own room in QB)

$1,900 for bed share in QB own room (with your friend only)

Master suite upstairs: POA (enquire here) sleeps 3 (friend group only)

Friday 8th November (mid morning) - Sunday 10th November (mid afternoon)

Meet Your Hosts & Practitioners

Presence. Dedication. Passion. Grounding.

Meet a few of the incredible facilitators holding space for you.



The natural beauty, rich history, and wide-open spaces at the estate automatically lends itself to be a site of healing and restoration. Our aim is for every guest to leave feeling refreshed, connected, inspired, and motivated.

Surrounded by 100 acre’s of nature’s finest, bursting with colour and filled with wildlife, it’s the ultimate spot for this soul restoring retreat.

We believe life is about balance, and that’s what you’ll find here. Luxurious accommodation, as inviting as the land itself.


  1. Two night accommodation, 6 spacious bedrooms with 9 queen beds (3 twin rooms (either 2 or 4 ppl), 2 queen rooms (1 - 2 people)).

  2. All meals included (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with dinner cooked by a local organic chef, homemade in the kitchen.

  3. Welcome ceremony ritual in circle (hosted within a stone circle located on the property). Intention setting for the weekend & grounding into the space, connecting with self & attendees.

  4. Mindfulness, Pilates & Movement: Physical activities including pilates to promote relaxation, flexibility, & overall wellbeing.

  5. Nutrition and Healthy Eating: to nourish & nurture your body. All meals provided & included.

  6. Emotional Intelligence, Self-Love & Self-Care rituals.

  7. Holistic Therapies: Energy healing, belief release, ice bath, body mapping & conscious / intuitive movement.

  8. Community & Support: group discussions, share experiences & building connections as we heal the sister wound together.

  9. Nature and Outdoor Activities: take a walk to the waterfall located on the property or enjoy a game of tennis, swim in the salt pool or relax in the sunshine amongst the acreage.

  10. Private & Group Coaching & Guidance throughout the weekend.

  11. Free Time and Relaxation: to unwind & relax, taking in all the surrounds have to offer.

  12. Closing Ceremony surprise.

Three Women

Who is this for?

This retreat is thoughtfully crafted for soul-led women, in particular mothers in business who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It's a space where women can delve deep into their inner world, exploring the essence of who they are and who they are becoming. In the loving company of women who share a similar yearning, this retreat is designed for those who seek the profound connection with their inner selves and a sisterhood of like-minded individuals, all desiring the same transformative experience.



Expressions of Interest Here

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I’ve been to many retreats, but this Soulful Sisterhood retreat was something else, something special & so needed. Through the thoughtfully curated activities - sacred circle, breath work, body mapping and cold water immersion I found myself connected and transported internally into reflection and manifestation. The food and space were so wholesome and nurturing and I forged new meaningful, connections with other soul led women. I will never forget this retreat or the meaningful impact it has had on my life.

Bonnie Pilgrim, March 2024 Attendee

For further questions & discussions please email Sarah directly

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