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Where mother's reconnect with themselves, their partner & children, take control of their emotional health, increase self worth & create a meaningful life.
Tailor made service through practical skills, life coaching strategies, parenting tools & somatic techniques.

Workshops | Private & Group Coaching | Membership | Speaking

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Come join us in a free community group where you will receive practical coaching tools, growth, resources, inspiration & at times free coaching opportunities (only for members in this community)!

Eve Croskery

"I found particular value in the strategies Sarah supported me with to identify and process my emotions and triggers. Sarah helped me to move forward with new beliefs, which have seen me approach life in a way which leaves me feeling much more fulfilled."

Courtney Ross

"Sarah gave me the most incredible strategies to help regulate myself that have helped beyond measure. She is gentle, compassionate and an expert in her field."

Rita Nardella

"I now have trust within myself to know how to assist me through any difficult moments that come up for me. I now know and sense my worth as a parent and as a person. I now realise that I can rely on myself for strength and support.
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Mid-year intake now open

Becoming Conscious

Conscious Motherhood Coaching empowers mothers to transform themselves & empower their children.


We explore your identity, manage anxiety, tackle emotional health & the person you're becoming to establish sustainable self worth & confidence.


With mindset and perspective shifts, along with practical tools, we help you move from surviving to thriving, establishing a strong sense of self to support you as you juggle all of the balls.


The Mumma Nest provides you with a safe space to explore yourself, uncover what holds you back whilst allowing you to step forward with purpose, drive & create more meaning in life.


By investing in your own growth and healing, you improve your ability to connect with your family and those around you while enhancing your personal wellbeing.


Book a free clarity call today and let's see how we can support you.

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“how you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you”
― Rupi Kaur


For mother's navigating personal & business life plus everything in between.

The Mumma Nests space is for mothers determined to thrive both personally and professionally.

Whether you're running a female based business, SAHM mum or working mum, I'm here to help you understand, love and grow your world to become more adaptable, resilient, with high self esteem & create deeper connections with yourself, children & your significant other.


My services are designed to empower you to take control of your emotional health, create less stress, anxiety & overwhelm, explore your identity, and create a strong sense of self - all while balancing your multiple roles of mother, partner, individual & business woman.

Burning the candle at both ends is not sustainable, and that's why I offer private and group coaching, business workshops, an online membership, and DIY programs that are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

These offerings will help you to reignite your spark, find clarity and purpose, and enjoy life on your own terms. With this support, you will develop positive self-talk and high self-esteem, become more conscious of your children's behaviour and convert self-doubt and guilt into self-compassion, creating sustainable resilience in the process.

My goal is to help you become unshaken by external factors, by providing you with resourceful strategies that will help you to support yourself, your family dynamic & assist with your relationships professionally. So, whether you are a mother in business or a business owner, we invite you to join us and explore the limitless potential that comes with personal growth and empowerment.

Invest in yourself & watch everything around you finally fall into place..


Continue reading to learn more about our services and how we can help you to create ease in your daily life, and live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

I'm glad you're here!

I'm Sarah..

Author | Women's Mentor & Coach | Second Place Award Winner in Women & Wellness 'Women Changing the World Awards 2023' | Highly Commended IWIB Best New Business 2023 | Workshop Facilitator | Birth Trauma Facilitator @ ABTA | Rising Coach of The Year Top 5 Finalist 2022

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The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to others, including our children & the generations to follow

Coaching with me takes into account ALL of who you are including your incredibly complex role as a mother. Coaching supports you to feel validated in your choices, understand yourself deeply, remove blocks in your thinking, explore options and ideas you've possibly never considered, get clear on what matters to you plus have support & accountability to help you get unstuck.

You have an opportunity to define life on your own terms - not society's, your family or social media's terms - Your terms as authentically you. You get to define how you want to live your life & how you show up for yourself & your children.

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Find Out More About My Recent Book Launch: 'Women Leading The Way?'

For women who want more for themselves & their l. An inspirational collection of women who have steeped into their personal & professional power & created meaningful lives for themselves & their families. A vulnerable, inspirational & impactful share giving women a voice.

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The Mumma Nest has recently been acknowledged at the Women Changing the World Awards in London & as a Finalist in 'Best New Business' at the IWIB Awards, a finalist in the Coach of The Year Award at ICI & alongside numerous other accolades & mentions in publications.

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What my clients are saying

I worked with Sarah over the course of five months, and was struck by her ability to make me feel comfortable from our very first chat.
I came to Sarah at a time when I was finding life as a mother of two challenging, and had really lost a sense of myself in the chaos of everyday life. Sarah truly listened to what I had to say, creating a safe space in which I felt free to share openly and honestly. 
I felt so valued and seen after every session, as well as being empowered with tools and reframes to approach the week ahead.
I found particular value in the strategies Sarah supported me with to identify and process my emotions and triggers. Sarah helped me to challenge my limiting beliefs and move forward with new beliefs, which have seen me approach life in a way which leaves me feeling much more fulfilled.
Thanks to Sarah, I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of myself and what I need day-to-day to give me energy and purpose.
People often ponder the most helpful gift/support to be given to a new mum, and to me, THIS is it. At a time in life full of drastic identity change and transition, having Sarah’s nurturing and empathetic coaching approach was exactly what I needed to come home to myself and find pockets of joy amongst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.
Eve Croskery, Mum, Writer & Teacher

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