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Mentor & Educator
for Evolving Mothers

Embrace the harmony of family & career, creating a strong, confident, & self-assured YOU in the process

Lisa Boom, Mum of Two & Business Owner

"I have acceptance of myself. Life used to be a checklist, but now I am embodying parts of me that I never liked. I am playful, know I’m a good mum & showing up in life much more which is reflected in the energy of my home. I am present in the moments & my inner child feels light, accepted & happy. It’s a really nice feeling."




SELF made


A group mentorship for self employed mum's & mum's juggling side hustles to deepen emotional wellbeing, feel balanced, grounded & fulfilled.




Balancing career aspirations or a business with the demands of motherhood + intimate other, friends, family & let alone doing things for yourself; no wonder you feel completely overwhelmed! This is known as the #mentalload & the best thing you can do when you reach this place is

1. Recognise something needs to change, & 2. Seek practical support for yourself to gain results & save time (because, I know how important your time is already!!)

What is a Motherhood Mentor?

What is a motherhood mentor? A motherhood mentor guides you in a harmonious balance of feminine & masculine energy to expand your conscious awareness & access the wisdom & truth of the woman behind the roles you play of mum, wife, sole trader, employee or entrepreneur.


A motherhood mentor is for you if you are a working career focused mum, or a mum running a small business:


  • Juggling all the balls, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things on your to do list;

  • Struggling to be present in the moments without thinking about what needs to be done next;

  • Truly wanting to enjoy parenting but unsure how to have fun without feeling like an idiot;

  • Feeling a disconnect between who you truly are & what you show to the world;

  • Know there is more available for you but you get lost amongst negative thoughts, feeling resentful & anxious;

  • Wanting to become emotionally fit, access more calm & reduce anger;

  • Establish secure home foundations with your family to support sustainable relationships for the later years.

A motherhood mentor supports you on a journey to strengthen your own inner world, allowing you to build your capacity to hold more & be more whilst doing less. You will reclaim the power you've given away to others, past experiences, inner critic stories & beliefs so that you can live with more certainty knowing you've created an unshakeable SELF:


SELF esteem;

SELF worth;

SELF love;

SELF respect;

SELF trust;

SELF confidence.

My services are designed through coaching / mentoring modalities, mind & soul alignment, simple, effective & practical tools, somatic strategies (+ with a touch of intuitive woo woo).

The Mumma Nest mentorship space will reignite your spark, support you emotionally, mentally & spiritually to heal parts of yourself where you hold yourself back & open up pathways for you to love life (& yourself) again!

FREE 30 minute clarity call available for all enquiries.

I'm glad you're here!

I'm Sarah..

Mum of 3 | Best Selling Author | Women's Mentor & Facilitator, Professional Life Coach @ The International Coaching Institute | Trained in Meta Dynamics, NLP & Trauma Informed | Training Birth Trauma Facilitator at ABTA | Second Place Award Winner in Women & Wellness 'Women Changing the World Awards 2023' | Second Place Award Winner 'Online Community' Aus Mum 2023 | Highly Commended IWIB Best New Business 2023 | Rising Coach of The Year Top 5 Finalist 2022 | Childhood Educator & Government Officer (previously) | Recovering High Functioning People Pleaser

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Membership Feedback - Alysha Day

Sarah is the guiding strength that every mother needs in her journey to redefining herself as not just a mum. I feel like a better, calmer mum with the tools and knowledge that Sarah provide. Highly recommend to any women looking for her identity again.
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Questions? I've got you!

Take up your complimentary 30 minute clarity call to experience & explore mentoring with me.


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Not ready to commit to coaching yet but interested to learn more? No worries! Come join us in a free community group where you will receive access & insights out of the social spotlight with tools, growth, resources, inspiration & at times free coaching opportunities (only for members in this community)!

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