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First day of kindergarten

When my daughter started school I felt the emotions flooding through me so as a way to express the transition from a mother's perspective, letting go & surrendering to the new chapter that awaits I allowed my creativity to ooze out onto paper.

I hope these words resonate, mumma.

For my daughter.

A new chapter begins, my child, with an energy so bright,

Starting kindy this year, tears no longer can I fight.

A smile on my face as you step into your light,

Though my heart slightly breaks, I know you’ll be alright.

As you walk away with your teacher, without a gaze back,

I jump in for one final squeeze questioning is this really the right track?

Am I ready to close this chapter; I don’t think I’ll ever quite know.

In a way this feels like a part of my heart I’m letting go.

So I place trust in the attachment we’ve created to date,

The complete proof of these foundations I eagerly await.

And as I sit in the car, brave sticker on, still I can’t think quite straight,

I envision waiting for you this afternoon at the gate.

So I sit with what is, meeting emotion with compassion,

Embracing my new found ability to turn towards the unease, almost a passion.

I know you'll form new connections & learn many new things,

As your curiosity grows & we see what the road ahead brings.

This is just the beginning, of a transformational journey ahead,

Thought it also feels like layers of identity we both explore & shed.

Letting you go, is not easy, the truth I must confess,

But I'll be here for you, always cheering as I watch you progress.

Through every moment, in each passing day,

I'll be with you by heart, in our very special way.

So go forth my darling, with warmth in your heart,

And always remember, we'll never be apart.

I’m always here, your biggest cheerleader along the way,

And I continue to immerse myself in your growth, each & every day.

An unshakable love between a mother & child, That will never fade, as you grow bold & even wild.

With each step you take & each challenge you face,

Know that our safe space remains a truly special place.

Off you go, spread your wings & soar, dear child of mine,

And let your light shine, for who you are is more than perfectly fine.

So as this new chapter for us both begins, please know I'm so proud of you,

A love between mother & child the most rewarding to pursue.

Written by Sarah Cremona

Founder - The Mumma Nest

Instagram: @the_mumma_nest

Facebook: The Mumma Nest


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