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Dear Postpartum Body

Dear postpartum body, the only thing I would change about you is the amount of time I spent not loving & accepting you. You are exceptional. Love, me x

I contemplated & even put a reminder in my diary to write about that trend ‘9 months in, 9 month out’. You know the one where you’d see me stand in an unnatural pose, twist my body into an odd angle, suck my belly in & adjust parts ever so slightly so my thigh gap is larger, legs look thinner & shadows covers my stretch marks? The one where I'd take it early in the morning before breakfast because let’s face it, my body seems to look ‘thinner’ first thing & I’d probably indulge in a full face of makeup (because that’s totally natural in this phase of life, too). #eyeroll

But really, who gives two hoots about how my body looks, or whether it’s ‘bounced back’ after baby number three, or even after any baby. I sure as hell know that I don’t care what value others place on my postpartum body – and why should they?

No, my body did not 'bounce back' - but what it has done is it has served me extremely well.

To be honest, after each baby I care less how others see me. I grow into my new skin each time & each time it is even more spectacular. The size may be a wee bit larger, yes but after all size is just a number. What matters is how you feel within the boundaries of your own body.

The value I place on my body is:

  • how I nurture it with positive self-talk, meditation, deep breathing, sleep, awareness, acceptance & self-improvement

  • that I eat what I need to, which includes the things I love – I don’t deprive it or get caught up counting calories

  • that I ensure I drink enough water each day

  • how I show up for my kids by getting in my bathing suit & playing on the beach (even when I feel bloated or self conscious)

  • how I move in the loungeroom to trap music with my family on date night

  • how I feel in my own body. That is the true value of my body, the value of myself and not seeking validation from others to place value on my body.

Our worth, mumma's is not determined by a number or a size.

Society tells us that it should matter how well we bounce back after having a baby, but what matters is that you can show yourself kindness, love & appreciation for what your body has created, birthed, loved & nurtured.

Give yourself a pat on the back, because 9 months in & 9 months out sometimes is simply about #survival. I know it has definitely been that for me.

Heal your mind, learn to listen to your internal language & the rest will follow.

So, here’s the middle finger ‘9 months in, 9 months out’ trend. ‘Aint nobody got time for external validation.

PS. If you are wanting someone to provide a space for you to unpack any of your current challenges during the postpartum period, please check out my services & allow me to hold space for you.

S x

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