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Feeling Unworthy as a Mother

Imagine lining up a bunch of babies and trying to determine which one is most worthy.

As a mother, you have a deep love for your child & would never dream of determining their worth based on comparison or external factors.

But have you ever considered how often we do this to ourselves as adults? Mothers?

So, picture those babies all lined up in a row. Can you decide which one is most worthy?

It's a ridiculous notion, isn't it?

Every baby is unique, with their own individual qualities and potential. Authentic, pure, innocent & whole, unknowing of any limits, fear, or unworthiness.

And yet, as adults, we often find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and measuring our worth based on what they have achieved, attained or present on socials.

We believe that we aren't worthy of what the person beside us has, whether it be success, wealth, a relationship, confidence or even happiness.

We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worthy, or talented enough….

But why do we do this to ourselves?

Was it a parent? Sibling? Teacher? Partner? Friend who told you all those **** stories about yourself?

Or is it your own inner belief system that you’ve created from your own thoughts?

The truth is, just like every baby is unique, every person is unique, with their own set of talents, skills, and qualities.

Comparing ourselves to others is a losing battle, because we can never truly know anyone’s journey or the challenges they may have faced along the way.

All we see is the mask, the results, the identity someone has created (& in some cases this mask they show to the world is to keep themselves safe).

So, can you promise yourself one thing right now?

Instead of focusing on what others have, what they are doing, wearing, who they are being & their achievements, we need to focus on our own journey, strengths & unique qualities.

A good place to begin is to look at how our past is affecting our present & what shifts we need to make if we desire a different kind of future, for ourselves & our children.

So, the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remember the visual of a line of babies.

Each one innocent, lovable, authentic & worthy in their own way… AS ARE YOU.

Focus on your own journey through a lens of self-worth. No one else can give this to you, only you can access this for yourself.

Stories are stories, don’t let them define you.


My love to you.

Sarah x

Your Conscious Motherhood Coach

PS: Want to hear more about my personal story of overcoming challenge (& birth trauma) which led me into this space in education for mothers – you can pre order my new book ‘Women Leading the Way’ here.


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