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Motherhood Mental Load & Juggling the Balls

In today's fast paced & demanding world mum's you could say that the majority of mum's are burdened by the invisible weight known as the 'mental load'.

The responsibility, and expectations aren't getting any easier...

From juggling the home: meal planning, cleaning, laundry, school forms, appointments, breaking up arguments, maintaining a partnership & dare I say it... bed time!

To juggling the workplace or your own business: the KPI's, goals, financials, self doubt, politics, staff, high pressure situations & keeping clients happy.

BUT, what about the most important piece of this....

Your SELF?

How long can you continue doing everything & being everything for everyone else without giving to yourself?

Hear me out as I ask you these questions:

  • What does it mean to you to look after yourself?

  • Do you know what you need or what you desire (outside of work & kids?)

  • What do you do to fit your oxygen mask before you fit others?

We hear it all the time, remember to fit your oxygen mask before fitting others, but most of the time as busy mum's we fob it off for another day.

Mmmmmm hmmmmm. I see you.

And whilst it seems strange to think about introducing more to your already LONG to do list when you're already at capacity, juggling all the balls - I want to leave this here for you to ponder...

The 'Balanced Mumma Triad'

You will only find this here, at The Mumma Nest.

I created this framework as a blueprint for business women & working mother's to begin seeing the importance of SELF. Your SELF as a whole, outside of motherhood & your business or workplace, but how the three need to align in a way that feels right for you - no one else.

One point cannot exist without the other, and one cannot be ignored as it throws the entire flow out, leading to resentment, guilt, shame & / or a sense of feeling lost or stuck.

Without seeing yourself as a priority, no wonder you end up emotionally reactive, exhausted, mindlessly scrolling, and yelling more than you like at the people who you love most.

Is it any wonder that you feel like you're living groundhog day & questioning 'who am I? or 'is this really what life is about?'

You need to give to yourself, acknowledge the fear as a normal part of existence & lean into something that scares & excites you - because the two can co-exist together!

I see it every day with my mumma's.

Giving so much to everyone & everything else that:

  • We've forgotten the truth of who we are;

  • What we need;

  • How to have fun;

  • What we like;

  • HOW TO LAUGH at ourselves & with others;

And we question whether it is even possible to be worthy of all the great things available to us because we are so stuck in the grind.

So we hold ourselves back & believe that we have to be grateful for what we have. That the life we have is fine. Don't rock the boat..... Keep silent & maintain the supermum facade...

POV: Want to know what I say about that.

F**k that.

#sorry not sorry.

Sometimes life is bloody hard, people can be shitty, and things seem unfair. But what is that point for you where you decided to draw a line in the sand & start believing you are worthy of more?

Taking control of what you have control of (which is your SELF).

By nurturing yourself, you build resilience, enhance well-being, and better manage the mental load.

AND, I want to remind you that you are an asset, with quite possibly the highest ROI (return on investment) you will ever receive.

Because the gift you give yourself will be the same gift that continues to give to others & by taking care of your needs, desires, inner world & emotional health, deepening the connections with yourself & others you won't look back in 10 years time with regret.

It's not selfish to invest in yourself, your growth & your desires, mumma.

I hope you know how valued you are.

And, if this aligns with your current reality I invite you to:

Love, Sarah x

Your Conscious Motherhood Mentor

Find out more about my offerings here.


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