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Do Children Choose Their Parents Before Birth?

Are you a believer that children choose their parents before birth?

Whether you are skeptic or not this subject is intriguing.

Personally, I've visited a medium clairvoyant a hand full of times throughout my life & my experience has been eye opening for all the most incredible reasons. The fact that someone who doesn't know me (& prior to social media) can provide such prominent details about my life that no one else would ever know is enough proof for me to be sold on the concept!

During my most recent visit in 2020, before our third child William was even a thought, I was in the middle of a minor life crisis to say the least. I was in between jobs, in a terrible mental space, playing victim, holding resentment & looking for external factors to fulfil me (which is completely unrealistic if you think about it) yet what she told me during our time together really sparked interest.

Amongst other things, she told me I had my spirit guides beside me at the time, along with a young spirit.

I had no idea what she meant, or who this young spirit could possibly be & afterwards began questioning family members whether they had awareness of a young spirit's experience, however not with luck on my side it would seem.

It was only a few weeks back when I pulled out my notes from our session (which I often do, to look back and see how much I can relate to) & I now believe that our third child was in fact the young spirit with me as it was within a few months from that date that he was conceived.

When I started researching whether ‘souls choose their birth parents’ was even a thing what I found was incredibly interesting. Apparently it is spoken that souls can choose their parents before birth and in plain terms, they supposedly hang around & wait until the chosen parents are ready for their existence.

It is also believed that when we enter the world through birth, we have already set up circumstances that will help us to achieve the goals that we have set for that particular lifetime , aligned with the parents purpose that will allow the desired lessons to play out.

Now this is the time where you may be thinking 'what possibly could be the lesson for me in what has occurred in my childhood'... please read on..

Back in 2013, before I became a mother for the first time, the same clairvoyant told me that I would have two boys; so after our first son was born in 2014 & then when we were pregnant with our second child, I was convinced it was going to be another boy. So, for a while thinking we only wanted two children, I believed the clairvoyant was a dud because she was obviously not a boy, but little did I know, the clairvoyant was right and we would in fact have two boys & a girl (it just took a while longer).

So bring in 2021 & a wonderful Disney movie appeared which sold the concept for me; ‘Soul’, a must watch with your children if you have not done so already with the story line something like this…

“A pianist who lives and breathes jazz finally catches his big break, then finds himself fighting for his life, trapped in a mystical plane of existence between this world and the next, life and death. There, at the dreamy celestial nursery of unborn souls, he gets the chance to re-evaluate his life & inspire others to find their own purpose and passion before they too enter earth. There is also a bigger question here: What does it take to live life to the fullest?”

It is intriguing, and brilliant when you think the entire concept as a whole.

And, if the saying is true, that we do choose our parents before birth, no matter how loving or non-loving our own family situation is, or was, there is always opportunity, a healing journey available & something we can learn from each experience. I believe it starts with awareness & a sense of curiosity followed by a willingness to start the journey of self discovery - it may actually surprise you just how much arises from this awakening.

Sometimes it may feel easier to suppress what has happened throughout life but please know there is another option to resolve these defining moments. So although you may have potentially chosen your birth parents & they more than likely did the best they could with the information they had at the time (typically from generational hand me downs - how their parents raised them), that does not mean you have to stay where you are unable to process those defining moments that happened to you.

The gift in this is that you are here, reading this & you now have the awareness & an opportunity to shift.

So, as a start, a great question to get curious about the roles you play in your life, given your upbringing would be to ask yourself 'what has occurred in my life for me to step into the role of __________ (eg: perfectionist / victim / people pleaser / hero / joker / rebel / caregiver etc)?'
And then, What would the role of _________ do & wouldn't do?
Next, take a deeper look at how this plays out in your current life. Do you see any similarities? And, what comes up for you?

What do you believe? Were your born as the result of random gene-combinations or did you choose parents based upon the lessons you were seeking to learn?

And if you would like to begin your journey of self discovery, tapping into what you already have within you but seeking more for yourself & your life I'd love to offer you a free clarity call to see how I can guide you throughout this new awakening.

S x


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